Friday, April 18, 2008

Internet cafe words et al..................

Internet Word of the Day - googlonymous: \gōō'gəl-on-uh-mus\ - A nickname for using a proxy server to search Google anonymously.Many people don't realize that when you do a search on Google, your IP address, the time, and the keywords you entered are stored in their database permanently.

Did you know?
Kilobyte, which can be abbreviated as KB or kbyte, is a unit of measurement equivalent to one thousand bytes of computer memory or disk capacity. For example, a device that has 256k of memory can store approximately 256,000 bytes (or characters) at one time. In decimal systems, kilo stands for 1,000, but the computer world is based on a binary system of twos instead of tens.

So, a kilobyte is actually 1,024 (210) bytes. To distinguish between a decimal K (1,000) and a binary K (1,024), the Institute of Electronics Engineers, IEEE, has suggested using a small k for a decimal kilo and a capital K for a binary kilo. In international English, outside the U.S.A., the equivalent unit is sometimes seen as "KB" or "kbyte." Note: Kb is kilobit, KB is kilobyte

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