Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I really keep trying to do this "green thing" and as I am finding out there are so many little things we can do to be just a bit greener. Here are some thing I found this week.

Bring your own mug ~ Each year, Americans discard more than 14 billion paper cups. For instance, that Styrofoam cup you use at your office meeting will linger nine generations before decomposing. Instead, bring a ceramic cup. Same goes for your daily Starbucks or Coffee Bean brew: consider bringing your own cup.

Car pool. Connect with other commuters at
If you use plastic grocery bags, recycle them for doggie poop bags or for small trash can liners.

Buy compact fluorescent light bulbs. You'll find more on energy-efficient products and practices at
Energy Star.

Lower your thermostat. Buy a programmable thermostat.

Go paperless. Consider reading your newspaper and magazine subscriptions online. Switch to electronic banking and credit card payment, too. I am now reading my daily paper online.

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