Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Weather Preparations

We may actually get some rain this winter. To be prepared, we suggest that you have your gutters cleaned. Also, be sure to clean the areasaround your skylights and chimneys. Leaves tend to gather in these areas,which leads to pooled water leaking into the house past the flashings. Over the years, we have also had problems with our sunken living roomsflooding. This is caused by improper surface drainage. Sometimes thes urface drains become blocked, causing rain runoff to gather around thefoundation. Other causes include re-landscaping, which can inadvertently lead to water running toward the foundation.

We suggest that you walk the perimeter of your house during a downpour.Look for backed-up surface drains and water pooling around yourfoundation. Also check for malfunctioning (blocked, broken, leaking)downspouts. As always, if you decide to clean your own gutters, please be ladder safe.
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