Monday, December 21, 2009

More Issues for the REALTOR@ Radar Screen

Government involvement in real estate and property rights issues isn't taking a break for the holidays. During the last few days, the following issues have popped up that we'll be tracking:

Historic Preservation Ordinances: The cities of Hayward and Livermore are both preparing historic preservation ordinances, which could directly impact private property rights and property values. Last year, Bay East REALTORS® successfully fought a historic preservation ordinance proposed by Alameda County. We'll be watching both of these cities to ensure their ordinances don't negatively impact property values or property rights.

Development Moratorium in Cherryland: Several environmental activists are urging the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to enact a building moratorium in Cherryland. Additionally, they are asking all currently vacant parcels be developed as park land. Members of the Bay East Local Government Relations Council and Bay East staff will be working with Alameda County officials and the Board of Supervisors to ensure private property rights are protected.

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