Thursday, February 28, 2008

Audience with Hayward's Mayor

Today I have an audiance with Mike Sweeney, Hayward mayor at the Central County Marketing Meeting. Mr. Sweeney was there to educate us on some of the workings that are taking place in Hayward.

Here is some of the news:
New Downtown Theatre due to open in October/November 2008
They have a new City Manager that adds flavor to the City

Speaking honestly the City has four challenges to meet:
1. Schools
2. Crime
3. Clean up Hayward
4. After School Program

These issues all run together and the city wants to work together with school board to resolve.
People leaving communities for better schools.

They will be working on Academic Performance, Discipline and Crime Safety in the schools.
Hayward School Test Scores slightly better than Oakland
School Board Election in November

As always the key to values lie in the quality of the schools and that seems to be where they are directed.

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