Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Leap Year - what does it mean to it's babies?

1.) Leap Year Day Babies born in 1884 had no birthday during their entire teen-age years. Why?Because 1900 was not a Leap Year.
In 1888 they were 4 at 1. In 1892 they were 8 at 2. In 1896 they were 12 at 3.
Since 1900 was nota Leap Year, there were 8 years before they could celebrate again on February 29. So, in 1904they were 20 at 5. Not one single teenage year was celebrated ON their birth date.

Another way to pose the question is:Leap Year Day Babies celebrate their birthday on their birth date every four years. But those bornin 1884 couldn't celebrate on their 4th birthday when they turned 16. Why?

2.) Leap Year Day Babies will never have a "Golden Birthday". A Golden Birthday is when your age matches the number of the day of the month you were bornon.
Leap Year Day Babies will have to be 116 before they turn 29 on the 29th!

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