Saturday, March 8, 2008

Filing Deadline for Local Elections

Friday (3/7) was the filing deadline for candidates seeking office in several southern Alameda County communities including Hayward and San Leandro. Currently, we don't know who has officially filed their candidate documents, but we do know which seats are up for election.

In Hayward, incumbents Barbara Halliday, Olden Henson and Bill Quirk have expressed interest in running for reelection while Bill Ward and Doris Rodriquez will not seek another term. With the potential for five seats to change hands, we could see a major shift in Hayward politics in 2008. Meanwhile, in San Leandro, Surlene Grant is termed out while Joyce Starosciak and Jim Prola will campaign for reelection.

REALTOR® Impact: Local elected officials have the power to pass ordinances and regulations that have a direct impact on private property rights, property values and how REALTORS® conduct their business. Additionally, due to term limits for members of the California State Legislature, there is now a greater need for state-level elected officials. Many of these leaders begin their political career at the local level. Cultivating a relationship with them now can ensure they also will be receptive to REALTOR® issues if they make the move to Sacramento.

Next Steps: The Bay East Political Action Committee (BORPAC) will invite all candidates to submit questionnaires and participate in candidate interviews. Following the interviews, the BORPAC trustees will recommend to the Bay East Board of Directors which candidates best understand REALTOR® issues and deserve our support and endorsement

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