Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why Buyers need an Internet Savvy Realtor

While many buyers search for houses on the Internet they are in fact missing a lot by not partnering up with a Realtor who has even "better" tools than just your basic One main example are customized searches that create your own web site linked out of the MLS with the criteria you choose - say like price range, cities, size house, number of bedrooms, pool or not, etc. You typically don't want to narrow the criteria too tight or you might miss a gem in the mix.

The point is for the Internet savvy Realtor these automated customized searches are a snap to set up. For the new Realtor a little training or buddying up with one of these savvy Realtors will get you good to go in no time flat.

The "good" stuff in Real Estate is always with the professional. Don't be a do it yourselfer! Ask for help and get those automatic web links of the homes you want sent right away. It's easy. If you just talk to the right Realtor.

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