Monday, March 10, 2008

Helpful Tips Before Having a Home Inspection

1. Have all utilities / electrical / gas / water / pilot lights of heating systems / water heater / gas stove - ranges turned on which will make the process go smoothly. ( Inspector does not turn on utilities and ignite pilot lights. )

2. Have all light fixtures operating with bulbs in them!

3. All crawl and attic areas should be open and accessible with lights on. If an area is not accessible, please advise the Inspector at the beginning of the inspection!

4. Have HVAC systems cleaned and serviced prior to inspection. Install new filters or clean the washable types.

5. Have full access to HVAC sytems in garage or attic and access to water heaters.(Inspector does not move personal property)

6. Any slow drainage in plumbing fixtures should be cleaned or corrected prior to inspection! (In most cases drain cleaner will resolve the problem.)

7. All systems and appliances should be operable by using designated controls. All utilities like water, pilot lights of gas stoves and water heaters should be operational. "GFCI Outlets", etc... should be corrected prior to inspection.

8. Unlock all doorways and have garage door operator available. Remember security systems ARE NOT part of the inspection and should be deactivated during the inspection.

9. Have any obvious things like, "the gutters filled with leaves" cleaned prior to the inspection.

10. All pets, etc., should be restrained so the Inspector can freely move around the house.

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